lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008

My oral presentation was a disaster because tape-worm many nerves i not power to stop reading.

domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2008


I my picture the colur is red because it’s exciting.
I also think that I am an exciting person . I’m usually active and energetic.
There’s a photo I’m playing bowling with my brother. It’s my favorite activity because it’s exiting and funny.
My brother Ivan is from Holland. He is a very amusing person and he is very friendly.
In the picture there my famili because they help him economically to come here in the summer.
My favourite place is the beach and the mountain


My sister’s us Alma. She’s 15 years old and she is a student she’s tall and her eyes are green, she has got long brown hair she is friendly, cheerful and honest she doesn’t like me to touch her things and when I do this she gets very upset.
She is very relaxed with they friends.

My father’s name is Juan carlos. He’s 44 years and , he is a worker he’s small and her eyes are blue, he has got long brown hair he is chatty, polite and friendly.
He is quite chatty and relaxed with his friends.


Now it’s five o’clok in tne afternoon and I am sitting in my bedroom,
Playing computer games and eating a sandwich now I am having a break because I am tired .
Tomorrow I have an I am preparing for the exam. I am studuing. Maths and I am working very hard.
While I am having my cheese sandwich I am also listening to music.
I am listening to juanes in my new CD.
At the moment, It’s seven o’clock and the bell is ringing. Now I am going to open the door. A man is standing there. It is the postman:
Now am signing for the letter and I am giving the letter to my faster.
I’m very hungry so I am going to have dinner with my family.

The end.


Last weekend there was an accident in Roses.
Two cars crashed. The driver of one car died and three other people were hurt. Some people saw the accident and telephoned the polic and the ambulance.
Three people are now in Figueres in the hospital.
The accident happened at nene o’clock on saturday evening and yhe dead man was from roses and the rained. The dead man was from roses and the other three people were from castello d’empuries.


Last year I was staying with my friends in my grandmother’s village.
We were there because we had school holidays and there were some concerts.
One night when we were at a concert the sky become dark end it started to rain a lot.
Next to the village there was a river and it was rising suddenly Everybody was scared , everybody began to panic and to run everywhere. Me and my friends run to an old house and hid there.
Finally the police and the firewen carre and helped everybody.
Afterwards me and my friends went, to my grandmother’s house to see how she was but she was ok because she lives on a little hill.
Finally my grandmother, my friends and me were ok.
We were very happy but a hittle bit nervoys about the experience.


Welcome to the perelada golf club our club is the best because it has the best course and lighteen holes, and the staff are very nice.
This club is situated in perelada, village in l’emporda( catalonia).The futbol club barcelona usually visits our club.
At the perelada golf club we have five gyms to do exercises. Where you can spend some time, restaurats, swimming pool and the spa center in our spa centre you can relaty in wine buths ( perelada is famous for its wine ) And with chocolate massagers, we have the best especialist in these things.
After a weekend at the club, people feel relaxed and healthy.
So call us today!


Hi lourdes: I'm writing this email from Germany. The weather its the morninig is cold and the afternoon and at night it is very cold at the momont but I like it here because the snow is very good far skiing . So far we are doing winter sports and weare visiting the village around hear. We've other beautiful villages and we have their food.
Tonight we're staying in a youth hostel near the city of Berlin.
Tomorow we're going to go to frankfurt ko see a match from , against munith wear going to catch the plane from fankfurt to Barcelona.
I hoper you're well,lourdes . I'll write agains soon juanka


Basketball has existed since 1891, but it is originally more than 200 years old. It startd in, but now it is played all around the world.
It is the most popular sport in the usa.
The biggest international Basketball competiton is the NBA, which started in 1900. Basketball also became an olympic sport in 1920.
One of my favorite players is Pau gasol. Me become world champions in 2006.
She was the first spanish man to win a medal in the world championships in Moscou.


Robots are an inventon that could any job in the future quicken and better than humans. However they have to work a lot to do this.
This could cause the ruin of th world , leaving humans without works and cause powerty to the majority of families.
Only businessmen would benefit at first but later nobody would buy their products because people would have no money. If you use the robot only wery little and control yourself there won’t be any stop problem because the science would advance and the earth too.

Sant george

Same people in a village are very scared
A dangerous dragon want all the animals
In a few weeks the animals are finisted
Now he wants people to eat and
The beautigul king’s daughter is the next
George is a hard some and strong knight
Everybody and the princess need his help
One day he goes to the dark caue
Riding his very fast white horse
George kills the dragon and saves the princess
Every rose we have is from the dragon blood

The future

In my opinion in teh future there wil be many problems.
I think taht the pollution will grow but we will survive
We will make energy with alternative energy.
In the futre we will create advanced rabot will feel useless and humans.
I think that we will study from our haves but the theachers wil controle this lot.


Dear xavi
My enemy has a problem, because he always
ask to copy my homerwoork hits me, what can,
What can I do?

Dear juanka
If I were you I would tell him to stop asking for
Your homeworkor you will tell the teacher. Tell te teacher
That he says he will hit you. I hit you . I think he
wilt stop bothering you.
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I am like rafa nadal becaus he makes an for the things that he likes in his case tennis. I think that I also make an effort for what I like and I never give up . He is a very friendly person and he accepts advice. He tries to make everybody happy if posible and he never thinks anybody is a bad person unless they demostrate it


I am like rafa nadal becaus he makes an for the things that he likes in his case tennis. I think that I also make an effort for what I like and I never give up . He is a very friendly person and he accepts advice. He tries to make everybody happy if posible and he never thinks anybody is a bad person unless they demostrate it